Jazz from the Heart & Soul

Ron Moton began his musical journey at the age of eight playing classical piano and the sax followed
soon afterwards. He played his first paying professional gig at the age of 14. Ron's career started by playing Bebop and Standard Show Tunes. Also included is Gospel Music both as a producer, performer and as a music director and music minister. Experience also includes Big Band, Theatrical, Vaudeville and various Pit Orchestras. Musical experience includes R&B, Funk, Latin (Traditional), Latin Jazz, Polka and Portuguese Traditional Music, Country, Country Swing, Rock and Pop Music, Rap /HipHop Recording performances with a variety of national acts. Ron also plays Saxophone, Flute and Vocals for  the R&B group ConFunkShun. As an in demand and highly sought after music producer, he handles numerous projects per year. His clients range from all over the United States and the free world. The primary focus is music that uplifts the human spirit. Ron Moton is a Composer, Recording Artist, Record Producer, Studio Musician, Songwriter, Music Clinician, Midi Composition Instructor, Private Music Instructor and an Internationally known performance artist. Ron Moton has recorded or performed with numerous top music industry artists.
Ron Moton's travels have taken his music to Japan (Cotton Club), Russia under the coordination of the Russian Philharmonic Society:  2009 representing the United States of America on stage with the top Russian Jazz All-stars. The Russian Federation National Big Band (Tolkachev). 2006 (November – December) The Russian Snow Jazz Festival, Mexico, Aruba, East and West Caribbean Island and France. Kuwait and Iraq tours. Ron Moton continues his musical journey as a multi-talented solo artist. His dedication to others has been remarkable allowing artists to shine in their own light. Ron also provides scholarships for music study and mentoring to select talented students that are at risk or have special circumstances. Ron believes in helping others achieve their musical dreams.

Walking the Red Road carrying the Sacred Chanupa for the People and Praying for all Human Beings

Aho Mitakuye Oasin

Acts 2:21, Luke 21 verse 29-36